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What word can you ‘own’?

What word can you ‘own’?

In today’s world of fierce competition, information overload and commoditisation, businesses are as good as invisible unless they have a clear point of difference and know how to leverage it.

Differentiating yourself based on the unique value you offer and leveraging it in a way that resonates with those whom you wish to attract, can set you apart from competitors, cut through the clutter of mixed messages and create specialisation over commoditisation.

You move from being invisible to being memorable because you have ‘claimed’ a brand space in the market place.

Claiming a space in the market place means you have clearly stated your point of difference as distinct from your competitors. And it often comes down to a single word.

Think about the car market:

Volvo = safe

Mercedes = luxury

Jeep = adventure

Each of these car brands wraps all of its business operations and marketing efforts around the brand space it has claimed. Everything Volvo does is based on achieving ‘safe’.  All research and development, manufacturing, marketing, sales and customer service is based around the theme of safety. Safety is Volvo’s ‘why’ and the company attracts customers who want the specific experience they are offering.

What brand space can you ‘claim’? What one word can you ‘own’?

By narrowing your focus to a particular word, a single attribute that nobody else ‘owns’ in the product/service category of the marketplace in which you conduct business, you give specific meaning to your brand in the prospect’s mind. You can offload the laundry list of attributes that only serve to make you like everyone else.

Your marketing program will then become more streamlined and effective because your crystal clear message will speak directly to prospects who want that exact thing.

You can spend lots of time and money on being all things to all people or you can find what makes you different then do it on purpose in all aspects of your business. 

©Ros Weadman 2017  Ros Weadman is the creator of the Reputation Equation™, founder of Melbourne PR & Marketing Group and author of BRANDcode®, a marketing guide for small business. Connect with Ros on LinkedIn or via www.rosweadman.com


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