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Building industry-leading brands with great reputations

Who We Are

Who We Are

Established in 2011, Marcomms Australia is Melbourne’s nimble strategic public relations and marketing communications agency making a big impact.

People’s beliefs and values now drive their choices, decisions and expectations when it comes to working, buying and investing. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to empower leaders to think bigger picture and build a brand on a purpose and not just a promise.

When businesses connect their people to a compelling purpose, strong set of principles and aligned brand promise, they improve strategic alignment and employee engagement, and this ultimately drives better results, relationships and reputation in business.

Our work helps organisations to become an aspirational, purpose-driven brand by resolving problems associated with a lack of brand clarity, connectedness and consistency, such as:

* Poor marketing and sales performance from an differentiated brand
* It’s unclear what you stand for as a brand
* Lack of a compelling value proposition

* Customers are confused about what you do
* Struggling to attract and retain top talent
* Stakeholders don’t trust you

* You have inconsistent brand touchpoints
* Staff don’t speak with a united when describing your brand’s purpose and promise
* ad hoc communications and marketing wasting time, money and effort

Our team

Our team

Ros Weadman FPRIA

Ros is a leading Australian authority on brand communication and reputation. With more than four decades’ experience in public relations, marketing communications and reputation management, Ros has helped hundreds of personal, business and government brands to communicate their value, build their profile and enhance their reputation.

Ros helps brands get clear on what they stand for, then aligns all communications with the brand’s vision, values and voice. This helps them be seen, be heard and be remembered.

Ros is a Fellow of the Communication and Public Relations Australia, a Telstra Business Award nominee, and has many national and state awards to her credit.

She is the author of three books on marketing, reputation and personal branding. 

Our team

Our team

Maryann McIntyre

Maryann has more than 25 years’ experience in communications, working with public and private sector clients in diverse areas, including state and local government, infrastructure development and construction, health and community services, finance, automotive and retail.

Maryann has worked closely with clients to develop and implement communications plans, analyse customer evidence, identify audience needs, and has produced an extensive range of communications including media releases and articles, websites, reports, user guides, training guides and standards manuals, project profiles and legacy books.

Our team
Our Team

Our Team

Kylie Sprague

Kylie has more than 25 years’ senior leadership experience in communications and customer service  in the local government and higher education sectors. She is passionate about improving customer outcomes through the alignment of organisational strategic goals and business operating models. 

Kylie has outstanding expertise in media relations, issues management and crises response, professional planning, implementation and evaluation of marketing and communications activities, and governance in a complex and political environment.


Our Team

Our Team

Kerry Coles

An experienced communications and public relations practitioner with government and consultancy experience, Kerry Coles has a proven ability to translate complex concepts and issues into everyday and media-friendly language. 

Kerry has diverse experience across the PR and communications spectrum. She is adept at liaising with a number of different stakeholders and suppliers while balancing different needs and delivering projects within deadlines, she is able to produce a variety of written materials to a high standard.

Our work

Our work

Our work integrates organisational culture, communications and customer experience to improve business results, relationships and reputation.

Brands we work with often experience one or more of the following organisational challenges:


  • Lack of clear purpose, vision and values to guide strategic direction and outcomes
  • Unable to attract and connect with their target audiences
  • No compelling value proposition and/or unclear on the problem they solve
  • Commoditised and undifferentiated brand


  • Stakeholders are somewhat disengaged, sceptical and untrusting
  • Employees are task-focused and/or don’t know how their work fits into the bigger picture
  • Customer/community expectations are not fully understood and/or being met
  • Failure to deliver on the brand promise


  • Unclear and mixed messages / lack of united voice
  • Lack/fear of transparency and accountability
  • High issues management environment
  • Negative reviews/publicity is common
Our work
Our giving

Our giving

We believe in leading by example, particularly in pursuit of our vision of a world where brands embrace a purpose that moves humanity forward. That’s why we are proud to launch our new corporate giving program Animal Humanity Worldwide (AHW), in 2019/2020.

AHW is our way of supporting and shining a light on the work of reputable not-for-profit animal welfare agencies helping to eliminate animal cruelty worldwide. These agencies are highlighting issues of concern, educating the public, engaging people in conversation, and advocating for legislative reform to ensure sustainable long-term solutions in animal welfare.

The foundational members of our Animal Humanity Worldwide network in 2019/2020 are Animals Australia, Animals Asia and Edgar’s Mission. 

Animals Australia‘s work focuses on eliminating cruelty across a broad range of areas including animal testing, racing industries, fur trades, live exports and many others. For more information, please visit https://www.animalsaustralia.org/.

Animals Asia‘s work focuses on freeing moon bears and sun bears from bile farming misery, dog and cat welfare and captive animal welfare. For more information, please visit https://www.animalsasia.org/.

Edgar’s Mission, a sanctuary for rescued farmed animals, focuses on educating, and advocating for, the rights of these animals. For more information, please visit https://www.edgarsmission.org.au/.


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