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Your brand is not your logo

Your brand is not your logo


People’s perception about your brand influences whether they will buy your product or service, do business with you, work for you or volunteer for you. In order to build a great brand and create a positive perception and reputation about your business, you first need to gain an understanding of what a brand is exactly.

A brand is both simple and complex; simple in its meaning to an individual but complex in its make up, which is, essentially, intangible in nature.

A brand is an emotional relationship between a consumer and a product or service based on the perceived intangible attributes of:

  1. Identity – the visual look and feel conveyed through the logo, symbols, colours and name
  2. Image – the personality of the brand conveyed through words, language, tone, key messages and story
  3. Value – the perceived benefits gained from the experience of using the product or service and interaction with the marketing touch points.

The combination of these attributes results in a feeling that can range from loathing to indifference to liking to loving.

Simply put, your brand and, by extension, your reputation, is whatever people are saying about you based on their perception of you! 

The game then is to strategise and act to create positive feelings and experiences for every person at every marketing touch point of your business. 


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