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So, you’ve got a Community Vision, now what?

So, you’ve got a Community Vision, now what?

Enshrined in legislation, Community Visions now drive strategic direction and priorities for all Victorian councils.

The challenge/opportunity now is for councils to take their Community Vision beyond a simple compliance exercise; to embrace their Community Vision throughout the organisation so that everyday business activities and corporate messages align to the North Star of their community.

A Community Vision is more than an aspirational statement for the future. The words describe a vivid picture of the kind of life people want for themselves and their families.

A Community Vision represents the beliefs and values of the people; it is an expression of optimism and hope for a brighter future; it can provide the community with an anchor when times get tough.


Embracing a Community Vision internally can improve results, relationships and reputations, through:

  • having more engaged employees, with a strong sense of shared purpose and clear understanding of how their role fits into the bigger picture
  • a more cohesive organisation, as the planning and messaging of all services, programs, events and activities will align with the Community Vision
  • strengthened stakeholder and community relationships by building on the goodwill already established through the Community Vision engagement process
  • greater accountability to the community on how Council is bringing the Community Vision to fruition
  • consistency of corporate messaging across communication channels and customer touchpoints.

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