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Reputation Management Is Not About Burying Bad Reviews

Reputation Management Is Not About Burying Bad Reviews

In the digital age and 24/7 global marketplace, reputation management for some, has become an online practice of burying bad reviews and swamping the internet with positive content to “magically” restore a good name. This one-dimensional approach is reactive and fails to recognise that reputation management is more complex than simply “cleaning up” an online profile.

Reputation, as perception, is shaped by a myriad of influences, including how a company or individual performs on all levels – product/service delivery, ethics, leadership, customer service, workplace culture, congruency between message and action – and on all mediums, whether in person,  online or in print. While your reputation is not in your direct control, you can help shape a positive reputation over time through proactive reputation management.

Proactive reputation management is about…

  • Cultivating a company culture that clearly articulates your beliefs and values
  • Communicating and behaving in line with these beliefs and values
  • Recruiting staff and doing business with people who share your beliefs and values
  • Delivering product / service outcomes as promised and with integrity
  • Addressing potential customer issues, concerns and objections before they arise, if possible
  • Maintaining open, two-way dialogue between the organisation, key stakeholders and the general public
  • Taking on board feedback as an opportunity to improve and grow.

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Ros Weadman is the founder of Marcomms Australia and author of Brandcode® and The Reputation Equation.  Connect with Ros on LinkedIn or via www.rosweadman.com


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