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Adhoc marketing is like kryptonite for your business

Adhoc marketing is like kryptonite for your business


Generating a lead and converting it into a sale is fundamental to day-to-day business survival; however, having a strategic marketing plan is vital to long-term business success. It is through effective strategic marketing that brand loyalty is earned and reputational leadership built. 

Strategic marketing is not the domain of big business. Whether you are a sole trader or have an in-house marketing team, business confidence and return on investment comes from applying a strategic approach to your marketing program. It’s the best way of knowing you are delivering the right message to the right audience through the right combination of online and offline channels.

Many small business owners I come across are doing a range of marketing activities but are unsure about:

  • the effectiveness / ineffectiveness of each marketing activity
  • their point of different as distinct from their competitors
  • their brand image
  • how to articulate their value proposition
  • whether or not they are delivering the right message to the right target market
  • how to measure the success of their marketing activities
  • whether they are using the right combination of marketing channels, tools and tactics
  • the right timing and sequence to execute a marketing program.

This lack of clarity in their marketing program undermines their confidence and raises questions about whether they are investing their hard earned profits wisely. This is where a strategic marketing plan is important.

Some of the many benefits of having a strategic marketing plan to support your business goals include:

  • providing a practical roadmap to take your business from where it is now to where you want it to be
  • driving more pre-interested and pre-qualified leads to your door
  • increasing the likelihood of connecting with prospects by crafting compelling messages that perfectly match your target markets and reaching them through the right channels
  • ensuring a consistent voice across all marketing channels
  • saving time, effort and money compared to a hit and miss ad hoc approach
  • increased public profile
  • improved brand loyalty and reputation
  • stronger partnerships with key stakeholders
  • the ability to monitor progress against desired goals and adjust your course if you go off track
  • achieving more value from your marketing investment by ensuring tools, tactics and activities are based on sound research.

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