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Inspiring Brands Are Built on Visions That Move Humanity Forward

Inspiring Brands Are Built on Visions That Move Humanity Forward

Your company’s vision is more than a culture statement; it’s a wonderful opportunity to make clear what your business stands for.

While there are diverse views about what constitutes a great vision, as a PR and marketing professional, I have found that a vision statement is more powerful when it is expressed as an outward-facing statement (directed at others), rather than as an inward-facing statement (directed at self).

To illustrate, a vision that expresses a better future for customers, the local community or society in general, is more likely to build a stronger emotional connection with staff, customers and other external stakeholders. Whereas a vision that expresses a desire to be the biggest and most profitable business in the country is more likely to resonate with the owner, investors and shareholders.

Most of my clients say they want to get clear on what they stand for. In my view, an outward-facing vision is a wonderful way to achieve this by stating the impact you want to make in the world as a result of the work you do every day.

Some examples of aspirational, outward-facing vision statements are:

Dove – A world where beauty is source of confidence, not anxiety

Oxfam – A just world without poverty

Microsoft – Empower every person and every organisation to achieve more

Tesla – To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy

Facebook – To give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected

Green Building Council AustraliaTo create healthy, resilient and positive places

I believe that inspiring brands are built on outward-facing visions that move humanity forward.

Beyond delivering a product or service, brands can be a force for good by helping to create better health, education and economic opportunities for people, improving environmental outcomes and making a more humane world, whether on a local or global scale.

Your vision is the perfect opportunity to express your belief for a better world and by so doing, make clear to everyone what you stand for.

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