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How to Shape a Great Reputation

How to Shape a Great Reputation

Having a great reputation is one of the keys to long-lasting business success. When you’ve got a great reputation, people want to work for you and do business with you.

Reputation is largely about credibility; your trustworthiness, your authenticity, your integrity, your character.

And in a highly competitive marketplace, credibility, or lack of it, is the number one factor shaping reputation.

The BrandCred Model discussed in my latest book “The Reputation Equation”, puts credibility at the heart of reputation because credibility goes to the heart of individual or organisational character.

The model proposes that credibility is based on the convergence of four key business dimensions – company culture (what it thinks), brand communication (what it says), customer experience (what it does) and corporate citizenship (what it gives).

When these dimensions are aligned, credibility is built through consistency of thoughts, words and actions, and the satisfaction of customer expectations.

Conversely, when these dimensions are out of sync, credibility suffers due to mixed messages, unfulfilled expectations and lower levels of engagement.

Your reputation is your most valuable intangible asset. Although you can’t directly control it, you can help shape it. “The Reputation Equation” tells you how.

The “Reputation Equation” is available for $29.95 AUD at https://www.marcommsaustralia.com.au/product/the-reputation-equation/


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Ros Weadman is the founder of Marcomms Australia and author of “Brandcode®” and “The Reputation Equation”.  Connect with Ros on LinkedIn or via www.rosweadman.com.


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