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Crisis Shines a Light on Purpose

Crisis Shines a Light on Purpose

Amid the negativity, turbulence and uncertainty of the current world COVID-19 crisis, what people most value is crystal clear.

We value care and compassion – health workers, first responders and others working on the frontline are our heroes.

We value truth and integrity – politicians, business leaders and government bureaucracies are defining their reputations by the presence or lack of these qualities.  

We value communication and connection – physical distancing has highlighted the importance of social connection with family, neighbours and work colleagues.

We value the pure and simple things in life – images of people singing, dancing and baking are flooding social media.

We value optimism and purpose – stories of resilience, of lessons learned, of a healing natural environment, give us hope for a more positive future.

The value placed on these positive traits of humanity combined with a yearning for a more purpose-driven world has implications for all businesses and public sector organisations.

More than ever, brands need to connect with workers, customers and other stakeholders by making clear what they stand for more beyond profit and products.

Being purpose-driven is about embracing a vision that moves humanity forward, living your core values and acting in socially-conscious ways that help create a better world.

Beyond the current crisis, people will remember those leaders and brands whose messages and actions embodied what people most valued – care and compassion; truth and integrity; purity and simplicity; communication and connection; optimism and purpose.

That’s why clarifying your purpose and connecting with what you stand for as a brand has never been more important.


©Ros Weadman 2019

Ros Weadman is the founder of Marcomms Australia, brand communication specialist, and author of Brandcode® and The Reputation Equation.  Connect with Ros on LinkedIn or via www.rosweadman.com


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