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Character Precedes Reputation

Character Precedes Reputation

Character is to reputation as reality is to perception. Character is who we really are; reputation is how our character is perceived.

While the common saying would have us believe that ‘your reputation precedes you’. In fact, it’s the other way around. You (who you are being as an expression of your character) precede your reputation. Just as a tree must first exist in order to cast a shadow, your character must first exist in order to create a perception of it.

And like a shadow, your reputation follows you wherever you go, shaped by the expression of your character through words and actions – in person, in print and online.

Socrates famously said, ‘The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavour to be what you desire to appear’. Determine the reputation you desire then live it and be it, consistently.

Below are some qualities of character, expressed through action, that will help build a great reputation:

  • Define then act congruently with your core values
  • Never compromise your integrity
  • Uphold high standards
  • Be ethical
  • Be true to your word
  • Be others focussed
  • Always add value
  • Be responsible and accountable
  • Be humble

What other qualities do you think build a great reputation?


©Ros Weadman 2018   Ros Weadman is the creator of the Reputation Equation™, founder of Melbourne PR & Marketing Group and author of BRANDcode®, a marketing guide for small business. Connect with Ros on LinkedIn or via https://www.rosweadman.com.


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