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Businesses unleash their marketing super power

Businesses unleash their marketing super power

More than 55 Casey Cardinia business people learned how to unleash their marketing super power at the launch of new book title, BRANDcode™, held at the Waterman Business Centre, in Narre Warren, on Wednesday, 27 April 2016.

Author Ros Weadman, director of Melbourne PR & Marketing, said the book is designed to help small business owners stay on top of their marketing game.

‘Marketing is a game of influence’, Ros said.

‘However, to be influential in today’s world of information overload, businesses need to break through the clutter and confusion.

‘We no longer live in a world where information is scarce and attention is easy to gain.

‘The meteoric rise of the internet has flipped this around — information is now abundant and attention is difficult to gain.

‘Consumers are bombarded with competing and conflicting messages, distracted by multiple sources of information, and being tracked and lured no matter where they browse on the internet.

‘This has created an environment where there is clutter from information overload, confusion from message overload and commoditisation from an overload of undifferented goods and services in the marketplace.’

Ros says the key to being successful in this environment is being different, not better.

‘If you don’t differentiate yourself, you run the risk of being invisible,’ she said.

‘However, if you do differentiate yourself, you can cut through the clutter, create clarity over confusion and cultivate specialisation over commoditisation.

‘In marketing, we call this zigging when the rest of the market is zagging.

‘This is what BRANDcode™ is all about — embracing what makes you different so you can compete on the basis of being incomparable rather than being debatable.

‘BrandCODE™ is based on research and built on my learnings and experience from over 30 years in marketing and public relations.

‘The four-part system answers the why, what, how and who of strategic marketing, ensuring you deliver the right message to the right audience through the right mediums at each stage of the customer journey.’

Small business owners are busy working ‘in’ the business meeting customer demands, often leaving little time to work ‘on’ the business, for necessary activities such as marketing. 

‘Many small business owners I come across are doing a range of marketing activities but are unsure about the effectiveness of each activity, how to articulate their value proposition or whether they are using the right combination of marketing channels, tools and tactics,’ Ros said.

‘This lack of clarity in their marketing program undermines their confidence and raises questions about whether they are investing their hard earned profits wisely.

‘This is where a strategic marketing plan is important for all businesses.

‘Whether you are a sole trader or have an in-house marketing team, business confidence and return on investment comes from applying a strategic, rather than an adhoc approach, to your marketing program.’

BRANDcode™ is a 138-page full colour book, jam-packed with insights, tips and suggestions, and embellished with case studies and templates. Two Casey Cardinia region businesses—Successful Endeavours and Waterman Business Centres—are featured in the book.

BRANDcode™ may not answer every question you have about marketing but it will give you the framework to stand out, get talked about and be remembered for all the right reasons,’ Ros added.

To find out more, visit www.brandcode.marketing.


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