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10 Seconds of Courage

10 Seconds of Courage

This was dual kick boxing world title holder Nadine Champion’s key message to over 200 business people at the Casey Cardinia Business Group breakfast this morning.

An undefeated fighter with a martial arts career spanning three decades, Nadine now uses martial arts as a metaphor, inspiring people the world over to “win your fight” by recognising and embracing life-changing moments.

Getting in the ring and enduring further chemotherapy were two of Nadine’s life-changing moments where she was able to face her fear by finding that extra shot of courage.

“You just need 10 seconds of courage to take the first step. If you don’t take that first step, nothing happens.”

Building the body of a world champion kick boxer is external training but it is the internal training of her mind that has cultivated her strong self-belief and resilience. Seeking out and finding her “Mr Miyagi” (of ‘Karate Kid’ fame) was central to her transformation.

In the movie, budding Karate Kid Daniel LaRusso learns important life lessons from his sensei Mr Miyagi. Unbeknown to Daniel, the lengthy and menial chores Miyagi gives him (think “wax on wax off”) to seemingly build his physicality and muscle memory, are the very things that serve to build his mental character that sees him ultimately face and defeat his tormentor.

“Who’s your Mr Miyagi?” Nadine asked the audience. “Who’s helping you to become a better version of yourself?”

Benny “The Jet” Urquidez, whom Nadine says is a martial arts master with the wisdom of Yoda, has been her mentor for 20 years. On their first meeting, he surprised her by talking about feelings because “the way we feel about ourselves can cause inaction”.

In addition to training Nadine’s body, Sensei Benny trained her mind and her heart, and taught her that “you are who you tell yourself you are”. This internal training has had a profound effect on Nadine, helping her muster extraordinary courage to get into the ring and win world titles, and fight a gruelling battle against cancer.

For Nadine, giving up is harder than trying so she chooses to apply 10 second chunks of courage whenever she is feeling fearful so she can say ‘yes’ when life-changing moments present themselves.

“You need the ability to change your thinking on your worst day and the way to do this is to be super solid on your own internal training.”

Find your Mr Miyagi so that when that life-changing moment comes along you can say ‘yes’!

Watch Nadine Champion’s inspirational TEDx Talk at http://www.nadinechampion.com.

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