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Public Sector Communications & Engagement Strategy Masterclass

Public Sector Communications & Engagement Strategy Masterclass

21st October 2021 9.30am - 4.30pm both days

To be held on 21 & 22 October 2021 in Emerald, Victoria, this two-day masterclass is designed for public sector employees working in communications, community engagement, advocacy, marketing, events, service delivery and project management.

Participants will develop a communications and engagement strategy for a project/topic/issue of their choice in real time.


“I have gained incredibly valuable information, strategies, ideas and techniques which I will apply in the preparation of a corporate [communications] strategy.” Alison Martin – Communications Coordinator, Colac Otway Shire Council

“Thank you to Ros Weadman for this expertly delivered masterclass! Truly enjoyed being part of it and to soak up all the learnings.” George Bakker, Change Communication Specialist, Boroondara City Council (on Linkedin)

“Ros has an absolute wealth of knowledge and passion for communications, I could not help but leave the session feeling energized, inspired and ready to tackle new challenges using the insights and principles that we had discussed. I wish everyone in my team could have this experience!” Emma Williams, City of Ballarat


Participants will learn how to:

  • set measurable communication and engagement goals and objectives
  • align strategic documents, policies and legislative requirements with their strategy
  • analyse the external environment and develop a risk profile with mitigating actions 
  • identify internal and external stakeholders and analyse their communication and engagement needs
  • create a vision and value proposition for their project
  • develop a narrative and key messages that resonate with target audiences
  • put in place an issues management process and develop responses to potential concerns and objections
  • map out a strategic approach to raise awareness, spark conversation and drive action throughout the project
  • select the right communication tools and tactics to build visibility and reach audiences
  • select the right stakeholder and community engagement techniques
  • develop an action plan identifying what needs to be done by when
  • develop key performance indicators to measure success


Setting the Scene

  • Articulate the purpose and define the communication opportunity
  • Gather information and evidence
  • Detail project non-negotiables and negotiables

Understanding the Context

  • Identify relevant strategic documents, policies and legislative requirements
  • Analyse the environmental context and prepare a risk profile with mitigating actions

Knowing the Audience

  • Identify the demographic, psychographic and behaviour characteristics of target audiences
  • Identify stakeholders, their required level of engagement and communication needs

 Setting Goals and Objectives

  • Set measurable communication and engagement goals and objectives

Developing the Communications Approach and Story

  • Develop a value proposition, narrative and responses to potential concerns and objections
  • Select the right tools and tactics to deliver your message to the target audiences

Developing the Engagement Approach

  • Identify appropriate engagement techniques for each stakeholder group

 Planning for Action

  • Prepare a communications calendar about what needs to be done by when and by whom
  • Populate an action plan template

Measuring Success

  • Set key performance indicators to measure the success of your communication and engagement goals and objectives


Date & time:     Thurs, 21 & Fri, 22 October 2021

Venue:     Board Room, Level 1, 329-331 Belgrave-Gembrook Road, Emerald, Victoria

$990 for both days (inc GST) Includes a comprehensive workbook. Workshop limited to 5 participants. 

Infoline: 1800 677 600 

Bookings: Book open 1 August 2021

Note: Event requires minimum number to go ahead. No recording of event proceedings permitted.

About the Trainer

Ros Weadman FPRIA is a leading authority on local government communication, engagement and reputation. A national and state award-winning marketing and public relations professional with over 35 years’ experience in the industry, Ros draws on her specialist knowledge and expertise to design and deliver local government-focused consulting services, training and coaching programs. Her masterclasses draw on real experience working in local government and present real scenarios and real solutions.

Ros was a Communications Manager in local government for 16 years and has been consulting to the industry for a further eight years. During this time, she delivered a multitude of strategic communication, engagement and advocacy plans on a broad range of projects and public issues for metropolitan, rural and regional councils. Ros has exceptional experience in media and issues management, and has led crisis communications teams responding to some of Australia’s highest profile incidents and issues, including the Cranbourne Methane Gas crisis (2008), Black Saturday fires (2009), Springvale Salmonella outbreak (1997) and Victorian Gas crisis (1998).

Ros is the author of BRANDcode®, a practical marketing and PR guide and The Reputation Equation.



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